thoughts on success

my journey to define success

I’ve spent much of my life struggling to define success for myself. First, success was just saying my first words and walking my first steps. Then success was coloring between the lines. Then it was about doing simple math. Then it was about fitting in with the middle school crowd. Then it became about getting good grades. Then it became about solving hard problems. Then it was about getting all the things that other people had. Then I lost everything, and success suddenly became about other people.  It became about myself, then about my family, then about others and my impact at a broader scale.

Although I’m very much a work in progress, I am happy to share with you an honest and accountable view on my version of success.

One thing you should note is that I write about real life, not the polished, perfect thing we often wish our lives were. I provide this fair warning because I put my writing out in the world for everyone. My friends, my family, coworkers, and strangers. I ask that you accept this fair warning and open yourself to me even if you don’t see things eye to eye.

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